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Today, Cave Spring is Kendall’s Team
The 15-year-old fighting cancer has long rooted for her Cave Spring classmates. Today, the Knights will show they’re rooting for her. Kendall has been a classmate and friend to many players on the Cave Spring team. She has been a member of the Knights competition cheer team as well as a varsity cheerleader … full story

Cave Spring basketball team raising money for Kendall
Cave Spring’s basketball team is in the middle of a race for the district title. But the squad is involved in another battle as well, one about much more than wins and losses. The Knights are full time members of Team Kendall, doing their part to raise money for Cave Spring student Kendall Bayne’s fight with cancer … full story

Cave Spring Basketball Fundraiser

Family Appreciates Support for Kendall Bayne
Athletics teams from Rockbridge County to Radford have reached out to show support for Kendall Bayne, a 15-year-old former Cave Spring High School cheerleader who is undergoing treatment for cancer. But it is the moral support from southwest Roanoke County and beyond that sustains the Bayne family … read the full story

Kendall’s Courage Unifies, Inspires
In the meantime, something extraordinary has happened. A wave of support and an out-pouring of positive thoughts and love has flowed from the Cave Spring community and spread across the Valley. … read the full story

Roanoke County teen combats cancer
The community is rallying around Kendall Bayne, who has a rare and aggressive disease. Kendall Bayne got her learner’s driving permit Thursday. It is a rite of passage — a very typical experience for many teenagers. But the coming weeks will mark the start of an atypical chapter in Kendall’s life, one that is not as cheerful. Nonetheless, the 15-year-old Roanoke County sophomore seems determined to maintain a positive attitude … read the full story

Salem Spartans team, fans support for Kendall