Happy Thanksgiving

It’s been a great couple of months allowing Kendall to be a teenager and enjoy her Senior year; cheering, homecoming court and Beta club inductee. Although we had planned to start therapy again, we had hoped we could wait till the first of the year. However, we have decided to start Kendall on a similar drug that she was taking earlier this year and continue her journey to beat this disease. She will be treated weekly for a couple of months. We are so thankful for all the continued support, excellent care and blessed by the love of Team Kendall.

I wanted to share a link for an article about Kendall in Tgen’s fall news letter (pages 14-15). Tgen is one of the few research centers pressing for a cure for ACC.

https://www.tgen.org/media/153635/TGen Today _ Fall 2013.pdf

God Bless, The Baynes



  1. Sharon Glenn says:

    Keep fighting Kendall and wish you and your family a Blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas

  2. Barbara A Newman says:

    Kendall, it is so good to read about you. I have been praying for you so much and I have been wondering how you have been doing. I hope you will continue to feel good and be able to enjoy the holidays and school and family.

    Keep up the fight! With love and prayers,

  3. Courtney Cutright says:

    Excellent article! I think about you often, Kendall, and I wear my Team Kendall bracelet everyday. Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving to the Baynes!

  4. Roy Dwyer says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Baynes. Kendall, you remain in our prayers!

  5. Carol Groves says:

    WOW, WOW, and WOW!! That’s about the most interesting article!! I pray you win this marathon and thank God for you and her doctors – and Kendall’s spirit! Enjoy Thanksgiving – we are going to Scott and Beth’s – and KNOW THAT GOD IS WITH YOU!! You all are so loved. Wow, if LOVE could CURE, Kendall would be well tomorrow:)

  6. Al Wilmer says:

    Hi, Kendall! Since you have not had a postig since September, I have not been checking your web site as often. I, therefore, am tardy in responding to your Thanksgiving greeting. However, nothing keeps you from my prayers and thoughts. I am glad your school is cooperating with you to do your school work at home. I pray the treatments on Monday and Tuesday are successful. I am looking forward to seing you walk across that stage in the spring to receive your high school dipoma! Prayers and blessings to you and your family…

  7. Sharon Carroll says:

    You all remain in my thoughts and prayers! What a great article!

  8. Al Wilmer says:

    Kendall, may the horizons of research soar to the ultimate height in reaching a cure for ACC soon into the New Year! No need to ask you to keep up your courage and display that trademark smile, because you are our best inspiration for these traits. An abundance of prayers and God’s plentiful blessings to you and your family now and in the New Year.

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