Ready to come home

Kendall spent 9 days at NIH and was treated with an experimental drug. We would like to thank our nurse Lisa for her outstanding care. Kendall had experienced some joint/bone pain but was able to receive all of her scheduled doses. She returned home on Saturday evening and the following day she began having some serious side effects from this drug. She was admitted to Lewis Gale for thrombotic microangiopathy. This was unforeseen and would need transfusions, fluids, and pain meds. She is doing better and we hope she will be home by tomorrow. Thanks to Dr Fintel, Blue Ridge Cancer Dr’s & nurses and the Lewis Gale 6th West Oncology staff. Special thanks to Katie K. & Lori for being great nurses and helping our Kenny!


  1. Steve says:

    Praying for your healing.

  2. Mark, Pam, Jordan and Holly Spangler says:

    Hang in there Kendall. Hope you are feeling stronger soon.
    Praying for you and your family. Keep fighting.

  3. Laurie says:

    Praying for you and sending positive thoughts your way!

  4. Ruth Fornes says:

    I am praying for you. You are so brave and such a fighter. You are my hero.

  5. Cindy Ayers says:

    You are one amazing young lady! Praying for you!

  6. Kathy Jones says:

    Hang tight girl, we are praying for you! hope you will feel better soon.

  7. Ken Phillips says:

    Always in my thoughts, continued best wishes:)

  8. Patty says:

    Kendall is such an inspiration to me. Last summer, following a routine mammogram, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. However, it was also aggressive so I ended up doing 4 rounds of chemo. I am now having 33 rounds of radiation and will finish up on Good Friday. I pray for Kendall every day and am praying for a complete healing so she can get on with her life and become the lovely woman I know she will be.

  9. Anna Raven says:

    I know you’re strong Kendall! You prove it everyday.
    Sending lots of love and prayers you’re way.

  10. Carol Groves says:

    Prayers, more prayers, for feeling better and stronger. The side effects, I’m sure, feel like setbacks BUT I pray beyond this storm is a silver lining for you. You are such a strong young lady, Kendall. May God’s healing powers provide strength and love for you.

  11. Barbara says:

    Praying for you Kendall. I hope you will be feeling better very soon.

  12. Pauline Guilmette says:

    Prayers continue for your complete healing, keep fighting, Kendall. Hugs!

  13. Sara Winn and girls says:

    God’s plan is perfect, Kendall. I don’t understand it, but I trust it. I’m so sorry you’re going through this! We all love you! Sara.

  14. Carol Groves says:

    The Lord has Risen; the Lord has Risen, indeed. Kendall, I said a special prayer for you in church, sweet girl. I hope and pray you were feeling well enough to see the beauty of this glorious Easter Sunday! God bless, and be with you +

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