She’s Home

After a month long stay at Lewis Gale Hospital, Kendall finally made it home Friday evening. She continues to rebound from the pneumonia and is currently being treated weekly. We are so grateful for the nurses of 6th West for helping us during this past month. We are extremely thankful for your excellent care of Kendall and our family during this time.

Thanks for everyones well wishes, prayers and continued support of Kendall.

Special thanks to Dr Fintel, Dr Richards and Susan Meyer Pharm D.

Hang in there Kenny, We Love You!

Mom, Dad, Connor & Team Kendall







  1. Michelle Tarpy says:

    I am so happy Kendall is home and recovering! My prayers are with her to gain her strength back and for things to get back to normal for her.


  2. Crystal Hoeppner says:

    We are all so glad to hear that Kendall is back home! We send our love and prayers!

  3. Barbara A Newman says:

    I am so glad for the update, I have been praying and wondering about Kendall since the pneumonia update. I sincerely pray that she will continue to grow stronger and God will continue to lay his healing hands upon her.

  4. Jeff Todd says:

    Continued prayers. So happy ur home!!!

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