Duke Appointment

I know a lot of friends and supporters have been asking about Kendall’s next step in this journey. Today we met with Dr D’Amico Thoracic Surgeon at Duke University and are now scheduled to have surgery on October 28th at Duke. We will be at Duke approximately 2-4 days and then she will be home to rest and recover for 10-14 days. ¬†We will then determine whether we will have another surgery or begin to treat with medicine. If we proceed with another surgery, we then will begin treating with meds after she heals from this procedure. I would like to take this time to once again thank everyone for supporting Kendall. She has been able to keep her beautiful smile during this difficult time because of the love and encouragement people are showing. We are so looking forward to all of the fund raising events that are taking place in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to tell you thanks in person. Also for the people who make anonymous deposits into our Suntrust account, I want you to know we greatly appreciate it. The Karma that Team Kendall is receiving is so genuine and compassionate it makes Kendall strong enough to win this fight. Thank you and with the Grace of God, she will be OK! Much Love, Kendalls Dad


  1. Beckie Sherman says:

    We certainly found our “miracle” at Duke’s Brain Tumor Center in 1997 when we first met with Dr. Henry Friedman. We are, therefore, Duke supporters, big time. They are all for and totally understand the total family involvement required when fighting this horrible disease. They will leave no “stones unturned” when looking for causes/answers/ and even cures. Our entire family can come awfully close to “feeling your pain” since we have been dealing with my daughter Katrina’s brain tumor – successfully at this time,Thank God – for all these years. And while she was older – 24 and just received her Master’s Degree from JMU – she did fit so very many of the beautiful traits your Kendall possesses today. And it was positively those “Fight Like a Knight”/outgoing personality/determination that helped Katrina all along this painful journey. And it was she who showed all of us – her family/supporters the way – not with tears and wailing but with so much assuance and HOPE. HOPE, that intangible asset that is a part of every brain tumor organization – The American Brain Tumor Assoc, The National Brain Tumor Society – and Duke, whose Brain Tumor Motto is “At Duke There is HOPE”. Mere words, but the key to many cancer patients’ fights. Always know that we – the Shermans and Chandlers – are sending constant wishes and healing thoughts – for every member of your family – and especially for Kendall to have the strength to continue to fight the good fight.

  2. Susan Perfater says:

    Bayne Family…you are in good hands at Duke. Lewis Gale sent my father there back in the late 90’s for what they thought was pancreatic cancer. The team of doctors at Duke discovered that it was actually a deformity in the duct of the pancreas, sent a doctor to England to learn a procedure who came back and performed it on my father. My dad will be 80 in March. When we had lost all hope, Duke was able to give that and more back to us. Please take some time and visit the Chapel. I prayed so hard there for Daddy and my prayers were answered. His presence is so overwhelming in that Chapel and I believe yours will be answered too.

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