Thanks Hokies!

Kendall received an amazing gift from the Virginia Tech Hokies football team today. All of the coaches and every football player on the team each wrote on VT stationary personal messages to her to keep fighting and to never give up. It’s so awesome to see these messages from Coach Beamer and Cave Spring’s own Michael Cole and the rest of the team and coaches. It is amazing to read and know that these young men are cheering Kendall on as she continues her quest to be cancer free. A special thanks to Kendall’s math teacher Ms. Haun for making this happen, we really appreciate the support.

Go Hokies! Go Team Kendall!

A winning combination!


  1. Frank says:

    What a nice and special gesture from the Hokies. Kendall, you are a symbol of all that is good and wonderful in this world, and if the fellows in Blacksburg have one half the fight in them that you possess, they will go undefeated the remainder of the season.

    We love you so very much.
    Frank and Nana

  2. Nancy Northern says:

    Kendall, you are wise beyond your years to be a Hokie! It has taken your Dad a long time to appreciate the Hokies. I remember when his main concern at our first parent conference was the foam VT football in the corner. (All in fun).
    Kendall I just want to say after seeing your pictures this week… Cutting off your hair hasn’t dampened your beauty at all. Your amazing sweet spirit shines through in your smile. You lift us up… more and more everyday. Love and Prayers, Mrs. Northern

  3. Pat Shires says:

    Great to hear all is going well. Stay strong and paddle hard when necessary. Go Hokies!

    Paddy Boy

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