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Kendall Bayne Foundation Video

This video was compiled by the Kendall Bayne Foundation and recently posted to Facebook. We wanted to post it here as well, so that it will go out to our subscribers. Live a Kendall life, and don’t forget to come out for Kendall’s Kilometers.

Memorial With Videos Now Online

We just updated Kendall’s website to serve as an online memorial and celebration of her life. It now includes the wonderful tribute videos that were created for her service. You’ll also find her obituary and the article with Coach London.

To view the tribute videos, just click the links provided in the top menu bar, and then click the “” link.

We would like to thank everyone on Team Kendall.

Live a Kendall life!

Cover of Coldplay’s Fix You, for Kendall

A video made for Kendall by Tony Ferrari.

Genentech BioOnc for Kendall Presentation


A Letter Of Thanks From Jere Bayne
September 19, 2011


I want everyone to know how much I wish I were standing up here to tell you how special my daughter Kendall is.   In fact, I wish she were in front of you.  Kendall is one of those people that make everyone she comes in contact with a better person.

She has the entire community supporting her and cheering her on. Her classmates have rallied and are showing her how proud they are.  They came up with the idea of White Wednesdays for hope. That’s when our slogan became “Team Kendall~ Fight Like a Knight” (school mascot). Her boyfriend said, “now its time for us to be your cheerleader.”

Kendall has said that wearing white might not seem like a big deal, but in her eyes knowing everyone is with her; gives her the support and love to take this cancer on. She was interviewed and asked what would you tell people? True to herself, she said, “I would remind people to always tell others how much you love them and give them hugs!”  Kendall wants to grow up and be a neonatologist.  She spent last fall job shadowing a doctor in the NICU. She always wants to help others, and now, in return, she is getting the help. I have seen first hand the power of people and the kindness of strangers. It’s hard to believe all the love and support our family has received, but it is so needed and welcomed.  All of this love is what helps to get us through our bad days and keeps a smile on Kendall’s face.  As I have told people, we still have many challenges ahead, but the help from our family, friends and co-workers like you is what gives Kendall the hope and determination that she needs.

We always say Genentech is for the patients, but I want you to know they are for the employees too. I can’t imagine having to go through this without the support of our company. Thank you so much to Scott, Dave, Jerry, Jeff, Ann and everyone else.  You all have given me the courage and strength to help Kendall and make me proud to be a member of Genentech.  Please give yourself a round of applause for giving my daughter hope by wearing white today.  It really does make a difference and I know that Kendall is so grateful.

This Friday Kendall will be honored for the second year in a row to represent her class of 2014 on the homecoming court.  She is my world.  May God bless her.  Please pray for her chance to be the miracle.

Thank You so much.

Kendall’s Dad; Jere Bayne.


Stay Strong Kendall, from HVHS

Students and staff from Hidden Valley High School formed a ribbon to show support for Kendall. Their message was loud and clear — stay strong Kendall.