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Ready to come home

Kendall spent 9 days at NIH and was treated with an experimental drug. We would like to thank our nurse Lisa for her outstanding care. Kendall had experienced some joint/bone pain but was able to receive all of her scheduled doses. She returned home on Saturday evening and the following day she began having some serious side effects from this drug. She was admitted to Lewis Gale for thrombotic microangiopathy. This was unforeseen and would need transfusions, fluids, and pain meds. She is doing better and we hope she will be home by tomorrow. Thanks to Dr Fintel, Blue Ridge Cancer Dr’s & nurses and the Lewis Gale 6th West Oncology staff. Special thanks to Katie K. & Lori for being great nurses and helping our Kenny!

Headed to NIH

Kendall is doing good and just participated in the Roanoke Valley Schools Relay for Life event this past weekend. We have decided to enter her in a trial at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. She will begin treatment later this week and will return home after one week of treatment. She will receive treatment every 28 days. Thanks for everyones well wishes, encouraging words and continued support during this journey. We really do appreciate all of Team Kendall. Kenny, we love you and know you’ve got this!

God Bless, The Bayne’s

Happy Birthday Kenny!

We hope you have the greatest day ever celebrating your 18th birthday! You have and continue to enrich our lives and everyone else lucky enough to meet you. You continue to amaze us with your strength, courage and grace for life. Keep Believing, Keep Fighting and more importantly Keep Winning! We are so proud of you!

We Love you!

Mom, Dad, Connor & Team Kendall!

Thanks Coach

Sorry its been a while since we have posted but Kendall was doing well; skiing and enjoying the holidays. Last week she experienced some abdomen pain and the scans revealed a growth and she is now scheduled for radiation this coming week. It’s frustrating but with our team of physicians we have a plan in place and will continue to stay positive and overcome this setback. Special thanks to Coach London who continues to motivate and support Kendall! Here’s a message he sent her.

Coach Bayne

Yes I said coach, I hear there is a bit of a setback. No worries coach you are the toughest person I know. Don’t allow your mind to put a period in place of a comma. Translation: every mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of your thought process is positive move on, move through or move around the issue as it is now. I believe you have the IT factor to do that. Thinking of you KB.

Coach London


Keep fighting Kenny! Everything is going to be ok!

We Love You! Mom, Dad, Connor and all of Team Kendall!

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s been a great couple of months allowing Kendall to be a teenager and enjoy her Senior year; cheering, homecoming court and Beta club inductee. Although we had planned to start therapy again, we had hoped we could wait till the first of the year. However, we have decided to start Kendall on a similar drug that she was taking earlier this year and continue her journey to beat this disease. She will be treated weekly for a couple of months. We are so thankful for all the continued support, excellent care and blessed by the love of Team Kendall.

I wanted to share a link for an article about Kendall in Tgen’s fall news letter (pages 14-15). Tgen is one of the few research centers pressing for a cure for ACC. Today _ Fall 2013.pdf

God Bless, The Baynes


Back on the Sidelines

Knghts Cheerleading

Kendall started school last Tuesday and was able to rejoin her cheerleading team after missing the last two years because of treatment. She last cheered during her freshman year at Cave Spring High. As you will see in this video, Kendall is doing great and excited to be back with her friends for school.

Back in the game

Special thanks to coaches Jen and Katie for helping to make this possible. Kendall is taking a break from treatment for now and we are considering some other treatment options for this fall. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers! God bless Team Kendall.

You are doing great Kenny, keep believing, keep winning!

We Love You, Mom, Dad & Connor.

Big Team Kendall Thank You!

We have had many challenges during Kendall’s journey and I just wanted to take this time to thank some special people who continue to help us stay the course and win this fight.

Dr. Bill Fintel continues to help us make sense of a senseless disease and gives us hope everyday knowing he is our physician. We are forever thankful and blessed for all of the help.

Also, our friend; Dr. Paul Timmerman has gone above and beyond to be available for Kendall and we are so grateful for his help.

Dr. Jackson Kiser has been behind the scenes comparing films and helping us make critical decisions and we are very thankful for his time and efforts.

Thanks again to all the nurses and staff for everything. People who choose to work in Oncology are the most compassionate souls on earth. I hope whoever reads this takes time out of their day to say Thank You for helping so many!

As always, thanks for all of our Team Kendall supporters and friends!

God Bless, The Baynes

Special prayers for my friend & fraternity brother Kimble Burch as he continues his fight with colorectal cancer! Hang in there Bro!


Feeling Good!

India, Elizabeth, Kenny, Paxton, Anna

Kendall just began her 3rd cycle of treatment today. In between her treatments she has been going to the beach with her friends. She continues to look and feel great, so hopefully this medicine is helping and is killing the cancer cells. As of now, it is our hope that she will be back to school this year and get to enjoy her senior year. She continues to inspire us all with her amazing positive attitude! Thank you all for helping Kendall during her journey to be cancer free! Keep winning Kendall, you’ve got this!

God Bless, The Bayne’s

Happy 4th of July

Kendall & Taylor

Kendall has finished her first round of Velcade and is feeling good. She is enjoying the summer and just spent a week at the beach. She will begin her second cycle next week and will continue this therapy for a few months. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and had a great 4th of July celebration. As always, thank you all for your continued support and prayers. Keep believing Kendall, you are doing great!

Thanks Scottsdale

As planned, Kendall had her scheduled CT scans following her 2nd cycle of this investigational drug PLK1. Because this was a Phase 1 study, we knew it was a calculated risk to try something new and unproven. Her scans thankfully showed NO new growth. Her tumors in her abdomen are smaller, but we attribute that to the radiation treatment we received in Roanoke. Her lung tumors remain stable and unchanged. Although it’s not what we had hoped for, we are blessed that her disease is stable. We will continue to aggressively try drugs to help her fight this disease. Kendall is home now and will begin another therapy next week. We would like to thank the Dr’s, nurses, and staff at Scottsdale Healthcare for your exceptional care for our Kenny! We will miss seeing you all. Thanks for making us feel so welcomed!

Special thanks to Tgen, Dr Ramanathan, Dr Demeure, Dr Bussey, Dr Von Hoff, and Troy Richards for all of your efforts. Troy was diagnosed in 1999 with ACC and because of his efforts this rare cancer is being researched with hopes of finding a cure. We are lucky to call you our friend!  We have met some very nice people here during our stay. Thank you all for loving Kendall and praying for her to get well soon.

Thanks for all of the support from Team Kendall during this treatment. We couldn’t have done it without you. God Bless!

Keep Believing Kendall! You Got This!

Troy Richards- ACC survivor since 1999.

Troy Richards- ACC survivor since 1999.

Team Kendall Scottsdale

Team Kendall Scottsdale