What a difference a week makes

Kendall received her second dose yesterday of this experimental drug and side effects were minimal thanks to the wonderful care at Piper Cancer Center of Scottsdale Healthcare. Last week was very interesting. About six hours after receiving the drug, Kendall’s heart rate decided to double and we were taken to the ER and admitted to ICU for a couple of nights. By Saturday evening she was feeling OK. She will get another dose next Wednesday and we are planning on coming home for a week after she has her follow up exam. We want everyone to know how thankful we are that TGen is doing research for ACC patients. They are a forward thinking company and that’s what cancer patients need! Thanks again Team Kendall. We appreciate the continued support!

Kendall, Keep Fighting ,Keep Believing! We love you!


  1. Ella says:

    Keep fighting Kendall! Josh would be proud:) Prayers to you and your family for a safe recovery!

  2. Eric Groves says:

    Stay Strong Kendall!! We think about you every day here in Maryland!

  3. Mark, Pam, Jordan and Holly Spangler says:

    Kendall, keep fighting, and you still have that magical smile that inspires everyone. We are praying for you and your family, and continue to pray that this is the cure for you and others suffering from this, stay strong, keep that magical, beautiful smile and know that you and your family
    are covered in prayers.

  4. Sherry Dahlstedt Kerns says:

    You are a fighter and please know that Rocky Mt continues to pray for you. God Bless.

  5. Ken Phillips says:

    Great to hear the continued good news! Keep the positive vibes:)

  6. Beverly Grant says:

    Our thoughts, prayers and heart are with you from Chicago.

  7. Susan Powell says:

    Hang in there Kendall! You’re doing great. We’re all pulling for you! Love ya!

    Mrs. Powell aka Mrs. Webster

  8. Al Wilmer says:

    Kendall, we can always count on you to have your thumb in an upright position. In addition, there is no way to hide that brilliant, trademark smile. (Great picture!) You are an inspiration to us al! I am sure all Team Kendall members and your family, including me, are excited that you will be home for a week! I cherish my hands-made heart! I hope there will be something that I can contribute to make your visit home more enjoyable! Your wants and needs are not inconvenient for me. Please let me know if I can help! Prayers and blessings to you and your family.

  9. Beckie Sherman says:

    The cancer experimental treatments/meds are truly scary and you are so brave to be trying them. As it was with my daughter, the big hope is that they will bring you closer to a cure – but the secondary factor – that you are helping so many others who will profit somewhere down the road from these experiments – is extremely important to the advancement of a cure for cancer. Bravo for you on all these levels, Kendall. So many, many hearts are following your every move along this rocky road. Thinking of you – as always

    Beckie Sherman

  10. Paula Back says:

    This is the first time I’ve written Kendall but I have been praying for you since the beginning. Stay strong, keep that wonderful smile. Remember prayers are going up for you and your family from the coast of NC.

  11. Barbara Newman says:

    I love the picture of you, still a beautiful lady. Praying for you everyday that you will soon recover will have kicked the cancer out of your body. Keep up the great attitude and God Bless you and your family!
    With lots of love and prayers,

  12. Kathy Jones says:

    you go Kendall, you look great!! you are an inspiration for all of us… Prayers and Love still flowing out to you and your family from Craig County… xoxo

  13. Rebecca Barnett says:

    So thankful for these updates, and that Kendall is still in good spirits. I check for new posts probably 10 times a week, just hoping that things are getting better. Still think of you all often.

  14. Crystal Hoeppner and family says:

    You are in our thoughts so often and we send up our prayers and best wishes for you and your family. I have loved that smile since the first time I met you when you were a preschooler at Cave Spring Methodist. The sparkle in those eyes is a blessing to us all! XXXOOOO

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