Happy 4th of July

Kendall & Taylor

Kendall has finished her first round of Velcade and is feeling good. She is enjoying the summer and just spent a week at the beach. She will begin her second cycle next week and will continue this therapy for a few months. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and had a great 4th of July celebration. As always, thank you all for your continued support and prayers. Keep believing Kendall, you are doing great!


  1. Sharon Webb Carroll says:

    I pray Velcade is THE one! Prayers continue…

  2. Barbara Newnan says:

    I am so glad everything is going so well for you. I have been praying and thinking a lot about you lately, wondering how you were doing. I look so forward to these updates. I am very excited for you, glad you were able to go to the beach! Hope the rest of the summer will be great for you and your family.
    God Bless you and your family.
    May God continue to lay his healing hands upon you.

  3. Carol Groves says:

    I pray this Velcade continues to be successful and do its job!! You look wonderful,dear Kendall. Scott, Beth and Delaney drove to Florida today for a week. Wish I could have hidden in the van and gone with them!! Oh well, as long as it stays sunny here I don’t mind. I bet it’s been a bear in Arizona! You picked a great week to “get away!” Take care and know that love, prayers, and heartfelt wishes continue to travel with you!

  4. Ruth Fornes says:

    So happy to hear such good news about you. You look great in your picture. I know you had a good time at the beach. Keep that beautiful smile going and am praying that the medicine will work well for you. thinking of you. Ruth

  5. Norma Martinez says:

    Andrew and I (Earnhardt Scottsdale Lexus) are still praying!!!

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