Big Team Kendall Thank You!

We have had many challenges during Kendall’s journey and I just wanted to take this time to thank some special people who continue to help us stay the course and win this fight.

Dr. Bill Fintel continues to help us make sense of a senseless disease and gives us hope everyday knowing he is our physician. We are forever thankful and blessed for all of the help.

Also, our friend; Dr. Paul Timmerman has gone above and beyond to be available for Kendall and we are so grateful for his help.

Dr. Jackson Kiser has been behind the scenes comparing films and helping us make critical decisions and we are very thankful for his time and efforts.

Thanks again to all the nurses and staff for everything. People who choose to work in Oncology are the most compassionate souls on earth. I hope whoever reads this takes time out of their day to say Thank You for helping so many!

As always, thanks for all of our Team Kendall supporters and friends!

God Bless, The Baynes

Special prayers for my friend & fraternity brother Kimble Burch as he continues his fight with colorectal cancer! Hang in there Bro!



  1. Sharon Glenn says:

    Keep fighting Kendall and prayers will be lifted up for Kimble.

  2. Traci says:

    NEGU my friend!

  3. Al Wilmer says:

    Kendall, I pray your comfort is improving over last week! May your doctors be sucessful in their race to find a cure. Your Team strongly supports your courage and determination.

  4. Barbara Newnan says:

    Kendall, I pray that each and everyday you are improving. You really look great in your picture. You are such a beautiful young lady. Never give up….prayers go up every day for you.
    You Go Girl!!

  5. susan powell says:

    Keep up the fight Kendall! Everyone is still with you, supporting and praying for you each day! You look great in all your pictures which I enjoy seeing. Have a great senior year. May it be filled with special and glorious moments!!


    Susan Powell

  6. Nancy Northern says:

    Kendall, I’m thinking about you and wishing you a wonderful start to your senior year! I can’t believe my little kindergarten class of 2001/2 is the senior class this year! I hope you enjoy and celebrate it with your friends every day! Sending love and prayers to all of you!

    Nancy Northern

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