Headed to NIH

Kendall is doing good and just participated in the Roanoke Valley Schools Relay for Life event this past weekend. We have decided to enter her in a trial at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. She will begin treatment later this week and will return home after one week of treatment. She will receive treatment every 28 days. Thanks for everyones well wishes, encouraging words and continued support during this journey. We really do appreciate all of Team Kendall. Kenny, we love you and know you’ve got this!

God Bless, The Bayne’s


  1. Barbara says:

    I am so thankful for the updates, I think of Kendall so often.
    I truly hope all will go well for her in these treatments she is going to undertake.
    I am so thrilled that she is able to participate in events and enjoy life.
    I pray God will lay his healing hands upon Kendall and give her good health again. She is an inspiration to everyone!

  2. Sharon Glenn says:

    Keep fighting Kendall. Prayers are lifted up daily for you.

  3. Pauline Guilmette says:

    You have my continued prayers and ask for complete healing with this new treatment. God bless!

  4. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the update and best of luck with this new treatment. Keeping all of you in our prayers. Kendall is still on our church’s prayer list, my mom’s church’s prayer list and my friend who is a monk and his brothers pray for you all as well. Love the picture!

  5. Dixie Saunders says:

    As always you are in my prayers lady. Hope all goes well!

  6. Carol Groves says:

    Kendall, you go girl!
    You are always in my prayers and on the prayer list of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Salem. You have been on that list since Scott first told me about you. We are all expecting GOOD NEWS in this new treatment at NIH!!
    Please convey to your dad how much my son, Scott, loved dirt bike riding with him last Saturday! I think it was the best part of his birthday – well, maybe tied with Beth’s awesome real Italian spaghetti dinner!! It was awesome.
    Kendall, it seems as though you haven’t skipped a beat conquering these annoying bumps in the road. Through prayer and love you will come out on top and rewrite the medical books:) You give light to the world+ God bless and be with you.

  7. Sharon Carroll says:

    All of the Baynes remain in my thoughts and prayers. I pray God will lay his healing hands upon Kendall and give her good health again. I pray that all of you have peace in your lives. I pray that this new treatment is the ONE.

  8. Mark, Pam, Jordan and Holly Spangler says:

    Kendall, we continue to be inspired by your strength and fight. Keep fighting and we pray this is the cure. We continue to pray for you and your family. Keep fighting kiddo and you can and will beat this and we pray this is the treatment that will cure your cancer. Keep fighting and you are in our prayers.

  9. Steve says:

    Kendall, I just spoke with your father. I too am fighting ACC. Please keep your positive attitude. I am going to put you on my prayer list. I look forward to hearing some great news with this treatment you are undergoing now. Tell the nurses at NIH that I said hi! (Especially Lisa, Heather, Jesse, Joan, Julia and of course my early morning coffee buddy Erin)

  10. Susan Powell says:

    Sending prayers with you to Bethesda.


    Susan Powell

  11. Jody Fletcher says:

    Your Scottsdale branch of Team Kendall are thinking of you. Vickie even wore her Team Kendall T-shirt today to work. We are always thinking of you girl! Hugs – Jody

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