Bella Magazine Fundraiser

Tim Martin & Project 4 w/ Kendall Bayne

We would like for everyone to know how lucky we are that Kerri Cornett is part of our family. She loves her niece Kendall and has and will continue to do anything possible for her. Bella Magazine really made this fundraiser a first class event.  A huge thank you to Joey Beck of Bella for helping to organize this and making this night such a huge success.  A special thanks to Doug Heptinstall for letting us use the American Legion Building. Tim Martin and his band Project Four were awesome as usual and were so generous to play at this event for free. You guys are great and I can’t wait to have a big celebration next spring when Kendall is cancer free!  The food that was prepared by Wildwood Smokehouse Barbecue was as good as it gets.  Thank you guys for the donations as well. For all of the volunteers, we thank you for helping make this a great night. All of the vendors, friends who donated over 175 items, I am speechless. Because of your unselfishness, this event helped out not only financially, but brought more awareness to Kendall’s journey.  We now have more people praying for her and wishing her well. Thank you all for loving Kendall and with this kind of support, she will be ok.

We love you all and God Bless.

The Bayne’s

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  1. Uncle Brandon says:

    What a great showing of support for Kendall. I wish we could have been there. Kudos to Kerri for putting her heart and soul into it. Love you guys.


  2. Jere Bayne says:

    Just want everyone that came out to this event to know how much we appreciate you rallying behind Kendall and giving us support both financially and spiritually. We are living proof that the support of people and the kindness of strangers makes a huge difference in peoples lives. When I see my daughters smile, it is a face of peace and hope. It’s because of people like yourself, that Kendall is mentally ready to start this treatment and become another cancer survivor. I love you Ken Ken, You are my World! We will get through this, stay strong and Fight Like A Knight, Hugs & Kisses – Dad

  3. julia maultsby says:

    Kendall, while we do not know you, I want you to know that you can defeat this demon. My husband was diagnosed in the fall of 2002 with acute leukemia. He could have had only 3 months to live. He is 52 and has fought this disease for over 9 years. He relapsed in 2008 and has had other issues that aren’t even related to cancer to go through. So you are young, strong and even if the typical medical information tell you bad news remember everyone’s body is different and you can be okay.
    Hang in there.

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