Alleghany High School

AHS students, clubs, and organizations have been collecting money for Kendall Bayne of Cave Spring High School. She has a rare form of cancer called Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma.Over $1100 was raised due to the efforts of the AHS cheerleaders, FCCLA, Youth and Government, Key Club, Expressions, Students for Christ, leadership class, and the MAC Club. A competition was held among first block classes to see who could raise the most money. The first block classes of Mrs. Green, Mrs. Terrell, and Mrs. Spinks were the winners.


Makayla May, Megan Cales, Alyson Turkewitz, Paige Bazzrea, Katelyn Hinebaugh, Hannah Taylor, Samantha Fridley


Jared Downer, Victoria McDorman, Katie Rickett, George Taylor, Lacy Meyer, Heather Terrell (leadership class teacher), Alexis Keith, Bruce Bazzrea (MAC Club president), Emily Moyers, Adrene Luckett, Destiny Jones


Shannon Allen, Jordan Spraker, Chloe Reid

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  1. The Baynes says:

    Dear Mr Vaughan,

    Please tell all of your students how much our family appreciates their acts of kindness and support for Kendall’s cause. This support means so much and gives us all hope and strength for Kendall to Fight Like A Knight in the upcoming weeks when we start our treatment. Please give your kids a big hug and thanks for being so kind and loving. God Bless you all, Kendall’s Dad

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