You Are My Hero!

Kendall, I still question why you, you are the purest person I have ever known. Hang tough baby girl. You have showed us all how to love, be graceful and kind to others. You are a special person that has brought nothing but joy and happiness in my life. You are my WORLD! You are my HERO! We can and will beat this! I Love You! Keep Smiling! DAD

Tell people you love them and give them hugs ~ KLB



  1. Beverly Grant says:

    Dear Kendall. The love that everyone has for you has reached my heart in Chicago. Your Grandfather Frank has been a true friend for many, many years. Your Grandmother Joyce has sent us all of the support you have received. I see you as a beautiful young lady that is so fortunate in your young life to have so many friends filled with love and concern for you.
    Hope to see you in Chicago next year. There is a lot to show you. With love,

    • Joyce Ellis (Kendall's Nana) says:

      Beverly, nobody says it better, more exact and from the heart than Kendall’s Dad. We loved visiting you in Chicago. I am thinking so positive in this, that by next Spring Frank will be buying an Airline Ticket for Himself, Me and Kendall for about a 3 day visit to you and wonderful Chicago so you and Judy start planning that fabulous Chicago Tour now. Love, Joyce

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