A good day of rest

Late this morning Kendall had her chest tube removed. This has helped to make her more comfortable. She has been able to catch up on some much needed rest. She continues to walk and is coughing to help her lungs recover. We made sure she had plenty of candy and helped her celebrate Halloween. ┬áKendall didn’t dress up but then again she wears her costume everyday…. “a hero.” We hope to be home soon. Thanks to everyone for supporting Team Kendall. The Baynes


  1. Lorie & Mike Bowling says:

    Great news! Sounds like everyday Kendall is fighting like that Knight! Everyone is asking about her at least 100 times per day! I can’t go anywhere without all of your friends and followers wanting to know if I’ve heard how you are doing! Everyone misses you and is pulling for you here Kendall and are excited for you to come home! Keep on keeping on and wowing everyone at Duke with your special self! <3

  2. Stacey Cotter says:

    This is such great news – thanks for the update, as always!

  3. Patsy says:

    Thanks for updating it is so good to read about her recovery and praying she will be home soon.

    God Bless

  4. Linda McDaniel says:

    Kendall, you are a hero and a Knight in “fighting” armor. Get all the rest you need and we’ll keep on praying for your quick recovery and all those involved in your care. We missed you at Districts on Saturday but know that you were there in everyone’s heart!

  5. Zach Honaker says:

    Hey this is Zach Honaker and I know that it is a day late but Happy Halloween and I hope that everything works out for you after going through this surgery. In best wishes

    Zach Honaker
    Salem Spartans
    Class of 2013

  6. Mary Struzinsky says:

    We missed you last night Kendall, but everyone I talked to said they were saving some candy for you. The best were the carved pumpkins all lit up that said “Team Kendall” !

  7. Gail -- Infinite Possibilities says:

    Dear Kendall and family. Prayer is most powerful and many of us are praying for you on these big adventures.
    In addition to prayer there is a treatment which may help which is little heard of. It helps many kinds of cancers and it may or may not help with this type. It is called LDN therapy.
    I have had cancer three times and am still here. I pray this and other information helps to treat you well.

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