Home Sweet Home

Thanks so much to the great nurses on the Thoracic Stepdown unit at Duke. Especially Krystle and Emily. All of the nurses on the floor helped make this an easier ordeal with the special care you gave to Kendall. Thanks again to Dr D’Amico and his talented team for helping Kendall with her illness. ¬†After her x-ray today they released Kendall to go home. ¬†They feel her lung will fully expand on its own and heal itself. She will be resting for the next couple of weeks and will return to Duke for a follow up appointment. At this time we will decide her next move towards becoming cancer free. For all of you supporting Team Kendall, we felt your presence with us in our time of need. It is so comforting to know we are not alone in this fight. God Bless you all. It’s because of your encouragement that we are able to stay strong and Fight Like A Knight. Godspeed, The Baynes


  1. Mary Struzinsky says:

    I hope you are all able to rest now that you are home. Let us know if we can help in any way.

  2. Joyce Ellis (Kendall's Nana) says:

    I am sure the Duke Medical Team were honored to be of help and to treat Kendall, and to also interact with her parents. You all remained close in our hearts, but it is better now to have you close in person. “THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME”, Dorothy said. Our Love to all and Brother Connor. Nana and Frank

  3. Scott Groves says:

    Glad your back! If you all need anything at all let me know if I can help. Scott

  4. Debbie Montgomery says:

    Prayer #1 – ANSWERED!! On to more prayers for strenght, down time to enjoy being home, to stay positive, and lots of encouragement from your young friends. “God is our solid rock and refuge, an ever present strength in times of trouble.” GOD IS GOOD:)

  5. Kathy Jones says:

    Im sure you will feel better now that you are home and in your own room… we are all still sending love your way no matter where you are.

  6. Gary Brown says:

    God bless Kendall and all her family. I ‘ve been following this even though I live in Martinsville. The spirit and faith I’ve witnessed through all the people that supports her is just amazing. I beleive that God has big plans for Kendall and this is just a small bump in the road. God BLESS You all and remember one thing that my mother told me right before she passed, ” GOD MAKES NO MISTAKES”. Our love to the Bayne family.

  7. Jay Rhodes says:

    Great news. Glad your home. Keep fighting Kendall. You will make each day better than the one before. JB, I am a phone call away if you need anything.

  8. Pauline Guilmette (Mary's Mom) says:

    Praising God Above for prayers answered and they will continue for you, Kendall and for your whole family. You are truly a huge inspiration to so many. Keep fighting the fight and we will keep the prayers coming. Pauline

  9. Zach Honaker says:

    I am so glad that you are back home I was praying day and night and I have been going to church and talking to my pastor and having him announce that you have been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. When I told him this he asked me what school did she go to and what grade and I told him. So after I had told him that he had made an announcement about it and he told me that everybody went home and prayed and when i mean everybody im talking about the whole church

  10. Blacksburg Love! says:

    Just because our Fight like a Knight game at BHS is over, that doesn’t mean you aren’t in the thoughts & prayers of the Blacksburg community!
    We look on here everday for updates, and spread the good news to those who may not have heard!
    God bless and hope to see you at BHS one day!

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