Cover of Coldplay’s Fix You, for Kendall

A video made for Kendall by Tony Ferrari.


  1. Carol Groves says:

    YOU ARE an AWESOME, YOUNG LADY! Scott and I are so blessed to hear from your DADDY every DAY!! JUST heal, REST and know how much you are deeply LOVED!!!
    God is, and WILL be with you! We are so thankful you were to travel back HOME!

    Resting at HOME!!s SUCH A BLESSINg for you! It’s a glorious TREAT- FOR US ALL!!! Rest and let God heal you – be patient!! I know it’s difficult, but TRUST IN OUR GOD!!

    Much, much love to WIN this disease!!! My heart and faith tells me you WILL!! I’ve enjoyed this journey – through many prayers every day!!

    Many, many prayers and much love!!

  2. Keith, Nancy and Lauren Fariss says:

    Yeah! You are back home and recovering.
    Our many, many prayers are with you daily for a speedy recovery.

    Inspiring,Awesome and a true blessing to us all showing your courage and strenth through these difficult times. Your parents strength is also very inspiring and courageous.

    Hang tough and keep the faith and know that our prayers and many other prayers are with you.

    Love the Fariss Family

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