Thank You Blacksburg High School

Even though we’ve never met any of these wonderful kids, not only did they raise money for Kendall, they continue to support her and we couldn’t be more touched. Special thanks to David Hirsch and Hailey Porth for all of your hard work making this video. Thank you Blacksburg High School!



  1. Frank says:

    You Blacksburg High students are such a wonderful group of young Americans, and I’m certain that this video does much to help lift Kendall’s spirits. Thank you!

  2. Beckie Sherman says:

    This unsolicited display of concern and support absolutely gives me chills – fills my heart with overwhelming pride – and brings a huge smile to my face. Can’t imagine what it does for all of the Bayne family!!!! Know it is positive though – and goes a long way toward boosting your spirits and faith. Just as it was intended to do!!! Thinking of all of you – and so glad the trip to Duke was positive.

  3. Nicole says:

    we enjoyed doing this and we are so glad to help! alot of us have prayed everyday that she can fight this. we have so much inspiration from Kendall, she is strong and it shows us that we can do anything if we keep our heads up:) i really hope Kendall does to!

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