Thanks for the fundraisers!

Wanted to give thanks to a few schools and local businesses who have helped us in raising funds for Kendall to win this fight. We are very appreciative of all the acts of kindness and gracious donations. You all have helped make this difficult situation a little easier and we are so touched that you all choose to be a part of Team Kendall. God Bless, The Bayne’s

1. The Friends of Rachel Club (FOR) at Glenvar Middle School. The attached picture is the Pack the Gym boys and girls basketball games held at GMS on Monday, December 12. In addition to the Pack the Gym games, students at GMS were allowed to wear holey jeans, pajama bottoms, or hats during the week of December 5th if they donated $1 per day.

2. Read Mountain Middle School

3. North Cross Upper School

4. Craig County High School

5. Bubblecakes

6. Glazed Bisque-it

7. Pino Gelato

8. Elderberry’s

9. Callaghan Elementary School


  1. Beckie Sherman says:

    Although not a single one of those who follow Kendall’s journey could ever lose sight of the primary objective of these fundraisers, the absolute selfless, heart-warming spirit exhibited by all such amazing young people, touches multitudes of people, far and wide. What a fabulous example of the true spirit of this Christmas season, giving so that a fellow human being can continue the fight for her life with the additional arsenal of friendship/love/caring of so many going to battle right along side with her. And in this cancer world of so much uncertainty, no one can argue that this phenomenal support is above and beyond and just may be the difference in Kendall’s outcome, regardless of meds and treatments. May holiday wishes to all of the Bayne families!

  2. Beckie Sherman says:

    Sorry – that would be “many” wishes for all of the Bayne families!!

  3. Allynna says:

    I love your inspiration to everyone you are a very strong woman and i go to read mountain middle school and we wear purple and white every single Thursday to support you! Kendall that would be so cool if you could come to read mountain middle school to tell us all the obstacles you went through but to tell us to never give up and pray!!!!!!!!!

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