Never Give Up!

This week Kendall had follow up scans and her chest tube stitches removed. She has healed nicely and we are now getting ready for her next steps. The scans looked good except they can see one nodule in her left lung.  This spot, when being compared to previous scans, appears to have been there in August. So the good news is that there is no new disease since our original scans. We are considering having this spot ablated and we will let everyone know when we decide. Thanks so much for everything and as this post states, Team Kendall will never give up until she is cancer free. Stay strong Kendall, you are amazing! We Love You!


  1. Ella&Emma says:

    Kendall, We are so happy to hear that you are getting better and better each day. We are hoping that 2012 is your year to become cancer free. We are continuing to raise money at our school here in Roanoke! We are holding a contest to see which class can raise the most money! Kendall stay strong and be brave!Never give up!
    Emma and Ella
    Fight Like A Knight!
    Team Kendall!

  2. Emma&Ella says:

    Kendall, We are so glad to hear that you are doing better! We are praying for you and your family everyday and hoping that 2012 is your year to become cancer free. We are having a contest here at our school to help raise money at our school for you. Kendall we will always be Team Kendall! We believe in you! We believe that you can overcome this cancer! You just have to stay strong and be brave. Never Give Up on yourself! Keep on Fighting Like A Knight!
    Ella and Emma
    Stay Strong! We Love You Kendall!

  3. clara says:

    Kendall keep fighting we all love you

  4. Sharon Glenn says:

    Kendall, glad to hear this news. You keep fighting girl.

  5. Roy Dwyer says:

    Saw you, Kendall, last night at the fundraiser for Lindsey Nanz. You looked beautiful, as usual, and I think it’s wonderful to see you out supporting Lindsey! God Bless you both. You’re a wonderful inspiration to us all!
    Mrs. Dwyer

  6. Terri Langford says:


    Continued prayers that 2012 begins your cancer free life and that God will bring you and your family peace and his unconditional love. You and your family have persevered and shown true grace and inspired this community in many, many ways! God Bless each of you! Terri Langford

  7. Barbara Newman says:

    So great to hear the good news! I know this will be the year that God will grant you wellness. My prayers continue to go up for you. Take care and continue having faith.

  8. Rebekah Johnson says:

    We are thinking about you and praying for you all the time. Keep up the good work it sounds like you are healing well! Your positive spirit just shines from you!! We miss you at CSHS.
    Mrs. Johnson

  9. Mark, Pam, Jordan and Holly Spangler says:


    We are praying that 2012 is your year to beat this. “2012 is the year to be well”. Keep fighting. You have a whole community here for you. You and your family are never alone, you are all covered in prayers. Stay strong. Praying for you and your family.

  10. susan powell says:

    Keep up the good fight Kendall!! We are all here pulling for you girl!! I know it must be hard at times, but you have persevered with the help and love of so many friends and family and God who watches over you each and every day. I hold you in my heart and prayers daily. Hugs –

    Susan Powell, BCE

  11. Tarina Harris says:

    I would say that you are a great inspiration to all! God bless.

  12. Maxine Wills says:

    God Bless you Kendall……our prayers are with you. We pray all goes well Thursday.

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