Thanks Dr. Christensen

Today’s procedure went smoothly thanks to┬áDr. Jared D. Christensen. He was able to ablate the nodule in Kendall’s left lung and she was able to come home this afternoon. The scans showed her lung was functioning normally. She is doing great and happy to be back home. She will rest tomorrow and we will monitor her for any side effects for the next 48 hours. We would like to thank the nurses in Interventional Radiology and special thanks to Shiva in the PACU for her delicate care. Thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers. It is so comforting to have this support as we focus on being cancer free. God Bless Team Kendall, we really are amazed and inspired by everyone’s love! The Baynes


  1. Ella&Emma says:

    Ella and I think that is great news to hear! We are glad that everything went smoothly!
    We love Kendall!


  2. clara says:

    You are one step closer to being cancer free! I’m glad you guys hade safe trip down and back to Duke, keep fighting. I know this will be your year to be cancer free! Love,clara I will always be Team Kendall!

  3. The Nanz Family says:

    Wonderful news!

  4. Sharon Glenn says:

    Yea, glad to hear all the good news. Prayers again are answered.

  5. Jeff & Ginger Henderson says:

    Great news! We are so glad you’re doing well!!

  6. Sharon Carroll says:

    Thanks be to God!

  7. Bruce Taylor says:

    We are happy to hear such great news!!! Kendall, you are a very inspiring person, as is your community and everyone in your Team Kendall support network.

    –The Kordus-Taylor Family, Team Kendall-Wisconsin

  8. Kathy Jones says:

    Great news Bayne family, we are still praying for you. Great Job everyone.

  9. Breauna Akers. says:

    Hey Kendall,I am so glad that you are feeling fine.

  10. Bridgett Akers. says:

    Love you Kendall

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