February 14th

A year ago today, Kendall was hospitalized with ACC. She has been amazing and has inspired us all with her courage and determination to be cancer free. She is recovering well from her last procedure. We want all of Team Kendall to know how much we appreciate your support. We are continually amazed by everyone. You have made a huge difference in Kendall’s journey. We are very blessed by all of you. Special thanks to an incredible man, a friend, and a saint on earth, Dr Bill Fintel. God Bless you all, The Bayne’s


  1. Emma&Ella says:

    You make us all so proud! You are so brave! It takes a lot of courage to be the amazing person you are! We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Your dog is sooo cute! We love you Kendall! Mrs. Rebok is going to drop off a Valentine for you from us!

  2. clara says:

    Kendall I am so glad that you are recovering well. I hope you have the best valentines day ever. Never give up, I believe in you, keep fighting! Love,Clara GO TEAM KENDALL!!!!!!!

  3. Sharon Glenn says:

    God bless you Kendall – I have never had the honor of meeting you but your smile warms my heart every time I see it. Dr. Fintel was my mother’s doctor and he truly is a wonderful man.

  4. Bill Fintel says:

    Dearest Bayne Family,
    I’d prefer to not see my name in print, but I’d still like to thank you all for letting me be a part of your family. The one year anniversary of this enormous intrusion into the lives of your family has come. Thank you God for bringing us safely this far, and for providing such amazing practioners of medicine, and the blessing of family and friends, and the upwelling of support from students across the country, and for giving Kendall the conviction that she is going to beat cancer, and get back to cheerleading, while making us all want to FIGHT LIKE A KNIGHT.

  5. Kimie Ranken says:

    Dear Bayne Family (immediate and extended!): Y’all have certainly been on my heart lately. We keep you our daily prayers, Kendall and all of the Baynes, and are happy to see that recent procedures have gone well. We cannot help but notice Dr. Fintel’s presence in your lives has been a tremendous blessing and we are so glad to know that your physician is a Godly man as well…what a great comfort to know that He, our heavenly Father, works through His chosen to help His chosen! May you continue to improve and strengthen, Kendall! With love and prayers, Kimie

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