Just wanted to let our team Kendall supporters know how things are progressing. Kendall is getting back a lot of her strength and energy and continues to stay positive. Medically speaking, nothing is new. We will continue to have scans quarterly. We have been blessed by so many people helping us and giving us support.  Abby Bagliani from Wake Forest University asked if Kendall would like to be a team leader and speaker for their annual Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund Drive, she was all in! This is their 12 hour dance consisting of students who plan, participate and raise funds for cancer research.  Kendall was one of the 6 team leaders that were asked to share their story. It’s amazing to see the energy when all of these kids get involved and help others. Please visit their website at wakenshake.com. We also met a young man battling cancer, 17 yr. old Josh Rominger who is amazing to say the least. Please add him to your prayer list as well. Hang in there Josh, you are a warrior.  Thanks again to Abby Bagliani, Karli Thode, and all of the wonderful students at WFU for an awesome event. Together, we will beat cancer! God Bless, and thanks so much for keeping Team Kendall strong and believing! Peace, JB

Be sure to check out Wake-n-Shake in Photos


  1. Sharon Glenn says:

    Our youngest son went to Wake and it warms my heart to see what they are doing. Kendall, I know you will be awesome. And yes, will add Josh to prayer list.

  2. The Nanz Family says:

    Very cool! Glad to hear that you are doing well, Kendall.

  3. Ken Phillips says:

    That’s awesome! Keep sending the good words:)

  4. Kathy Jones says:

    Kendall and your family we are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. We will be praying for Josh along with you. Anytime I feel like I cant do something I just think of you and say that if Kendall can do it so can I. You are a inspiration to us all. Hugs and Kisses from Craig Co.

  5. Amy Bagliani says:

    Thank you Kendall for speaking a Wake ‘N Shake. I know the students appreciated you spending the time to drive down there to speak.

  6. Ella&Emma says:

    Ella and I are so glad to here the great news! We know that 2012 is the year Kendall will become cancer-free… we were also wondering where do you get the white WE LOVE KENDALL wristbands (Please let us know!)Hope to hear more good news soon!
    Emma and Ella

  7. clara says:

    Dear Kendall, I hope you hade a great time at wake and shake. You looked like you had a great time in the pictures. I will be praying for Josh and you, i’m so glad to see that you are up and running. I will always be for Team Kendall. FIGHT LIKE A KNIGHT! LOVE,CLARA

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