VT Relay for Life

Just wanted to say thanks to the students at Virginia Tech. They continue to set the bar for excellence in fund raising for Relay for Life. Kendall was asked to give a speech during the opening ceremonies on Friday, April 20th. These students did an excellent job in planning a great relay for this year. They ended up raisingĀ $564,391. Wow! Unbelievable! Virginia Tech continues to rally for great causes and it was an honor for Kendall to be part of this incredible event. One step closer to finding a cure. Great job Hokies! Here is the link for Kendall’s speech. God Bless, Love Team Kendall.



  1. Joyce Ellis (Kendall's Nana) says:

    Congratulations VT and also to you, Kendall. Virginia Tech is the largest ‘Collegiate’ Relay For Life (College/University Fund Raiser) of that category in the world. This is the 4th year in a row they raised over Half A Million Dollars. Even though there are many other larger colleges, I think it works for Tech because it is “Just Who They Are”—HOKIES ! They will start planning for 2013 almost immediately. A lot of hard, dedicated work, but at the same time that makes it a bonding experience for students–food, prizes, talent, music, speakers. I am so glad you got to give a speech at “Hokie Nation” for support of their cause this year. Your speech was all very inspiring, however, the part I liked best was “Don’t give up your plans and dreams because of Cancer, but try to stick to them, as much as possible, in spite of Cancer.” A Job well done Tech and Kendall. Is it possible for a Nana to explode from being proud? Haha! Loving You So Much, Your Nana

    • Beckie Sherman says:

      Kendall, your speech at Tech’s RELAY FOR LIFE was indeed inspirational – and so very good for so many in your audience to hear. And I know good for you to know you can be such an integral part of such an event. Ever since my daughter, Katrina’s, diagnosis of malignant brain tumor ALMOST 16 YEARS AGO – miraculous – she and I have spent countless hours at local RELAYs. She, like you, has spoken to several college RELAYs – Roanoke College’s very first RELAY, JMU (her alumni,and has walked in the Survivors’ lap at those, as well as in every RELAY here in Roanoke for 14 years. I imagine you will have many such “invitations”, but nonetheless, I want to give you a very special invitation to join the Survivors’ Lap at Roanoke’s 20th RELAY at the old Victory Stadium site, on June 15 at 6:30 PM, with a Survivors’ Celebration at 5:30 PM. I would be delighted for you – and all your family – to hang out with my team, “The Mighty Feets Against Cancer” for the Opening Ceremonies, for the Survivors’ Celebration, for the lighting of the luminarias at 9:30,and even walking the track all night. Any time you could spend with us – and Roanoke’s Anniversary RELAY, would be a real blessing for all – and you could continue to share your HOPE with others who are so bonded with you as they, too, fight their cancer battles – or celebrate their winning of this battle, as Katrina can now do. My family is indeed among those who are so grateful for your present status and think of you every single day. Your beautiful Nana knows how to reach me if there should be such a need on your part. Much love to every one of you!! Beckie Sherman

  2. Sharon Glenn says:

    Beautiful and inspiring speech Kendall. God Bless.

  3. Al Wilmer says:

    Kendall, again, you displayed your courage and determination at Tech. In addition, you instilled an inspiration to all, not to give up. You are talking the talk and walking the walk with your attitude to fight and win. Your participation in the Relay For Life was a major contribution to the success of the event. With your newsworthy story growing and its effect on large groups, be prepared for solicitations to continue to spread the words of encouragement, determination, and optimism. You can do it best because you are living it–with a smile.
    Your smile at the end of your presentation at Tech did not go unnoticed. Prayers and blessings.

  4. Ella&Emma says:

    You are amazing! That was a wonderful speech! Honestly, you are my role model. You really inspire me. All your courage inspires me. You are ready to fight. We are ready for you to be cancer free! We are out playing the field with you. Every Wednesday we wear our Team Kendall shirt, to show our love and support for you. Every time I look down at my wrist, I see my Fight Like A Knight bracelet. And every time I see that bracelet, I think of you, and what a wonderful person you are.(: Kendall, we are fighting with you. Please come and visit us soon Kendall!
    Fight Like A Knight!
    Team Kendall

  5. clara says:

    The speech was wonderful. It was so inspiring.
    Love, Clara Gunter
    Fight like a Knight!

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