Hang in there Baby!

Its has been a while since we had any appointments with our physicians. On Thursday we had our scans at Duke, and they have confirmed two small nodules in Kendalls right lung. Although this is not what we had prayed for, we will meet with our team of physicians and do whats best to remove/eradicate these. There still is a chance we will start some type of medicine and monitor these spots to evaluate how well it is working. Our surgeon has informed us they are too small to remove surgically at this point. Although this is not the plan we had, we will adjust our sails, and get after it!  Hang in there Kendall, you can do it!

Love you sweetie~ Mom, Dad, Connor and All of Team Kendall!


  1. Sharon Glenn says:

    Hang tough Kendall and prayers are with you

  2. Emma&Ella says:

    Hang in there Kendall! You can do it! We love you!
    Team Kendall

  3. Courtney Cutright says:

    Keep your chin up, kiddo! You are loved. Praying for you and your wonderful family.

  4. Mark, Pam, Jordan and Holly Spangler says:

    Hang in there, we are praying for you and God will answer our prayers. Keep smiling!!You inspire everyone…

  5. Bill says:

    We’re with you Kendall!

  6. Ken Phillips says:

    Stay strong and positive as always:)

  7. Andrea and Duke says:

    Kendall, Jere, Andrea and Connor – Our thoughts and prayers (as well as those of about a 1000 people from 2 churches and Wells Fargo) are always with you. Stay strong! You ALL are much loved. Andre and family

  8. Al Wilmer says:

    Kendall, I just heard from your mom and read the results of your tests on the Internet. We are inspired by your courage and the imagination of your bright smile that this is merely a temporary interruption in your contious efforts to be a winner in whatever you do. With your adjusted sails, God will supply the wind to take you to where you want to be–good health! Prayers and blessings!

  9. Terri Langford says:

    Kendall- As always you are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong as you deal with this bump in the road and take strength in all who love and pray for you!

  10. The Nanz Family says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  11. Tracy Brammer says:

    Kendall, our prayers are with you!

  12. Maxine Wills says:

    Kendall,our prayers are with you. Stay strong as I am sure you will. You have a wonderful and loving support team.

  13. Emily Davenport says:

    Praying for you K!!!!

  14. Clara Gunter says:

    Hang in there Kendall! Stay tough! You can fight through this!
    Love, Clara Gunter
    Go Team Kendall!

  15. Ellis, Tammy and Matthew Wheby says:

    Hang in there! Your friends from West Virginia are sending prayers your way.

  16. Kellie Mirasola says:

    Always praying and thinking about you Kendall. Keep fighting and we will all keep praying for you.

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