Enjoy the Summer!

We met again with our Dr’s from Duke last week. Kendall had a pulmonary function test and we discussed our options moving forward. Because her lungs have been operated on, she is experiencing some shortness of breath. Our Dr has encouraged her to get her lungs in shape and working to their full potential. Depending on our next scans later this summer, we will then make her treatment decisions. Surgery again or begin some type of chemo/biological treatment. Until then, its time for her to be a teenager and enjoy the summer (Dr’s orders). Thank you all for the continued love and support. We really appreciate all the help and prayers. God Bless, Love Team Kendall.


  1. Uncle B says:

    I’m glad to hear she won’t have to see any white coats for a while. I hope you guys truly enjoy the summer. Sofie and Melissa say hello and send their love. Take care. -Brandon

  2. The Nanz Family says:

    Hope you have a fun, rejuvenating summer, Kendall. You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Sharon Glenn says:

    Have a wonderful summer Kendall with your family.

  4. The Slemp Family says:

    Fill the neighborhood with smiles and enjoy the summer!!!

  5. Emma&Ella says:

    We hope you have a happy summer! We love you!
    Team Kendall Forever

  6. Mary Struzinsky says:

    Looking forward to seeing you at the pool again! Love you Kendall !
    The Struzinsky Family

  7. Mark, Pam, Jordan and Holly Spangler says:


    We hope you and your family have a wonderful summer.
    You and your family are in our prayers.

  8. Susan Powell says:

    Glad to hear you get a much needed break and hope you enjoy doing some fun, special things this summer. SOL testing is finished at Back Creek today. Did you know the school is celebrating its 75th anniversary on Sunday from 2-4? Let’s go get that smoothie together when school is out. We are overdue for a visit!! Sending lots of love your way.

    Susan Powell, BCE

  9. Ruth Fornes says:

    I hope you have a care free, fun summer. I am continuing to pray for you and your family.

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