Star Country 94.9 Cure Kids Cancer Radiothon

Kendall was asked to tell her story to help raise awareness and funds for Roanoke’s Carilion Pediatric Oncology program. Brett Sharp from Star Country interviewed Kendall as well as other kids in the Roanoke Valley for their two day radiothon for Cure Kids Cancer/Children’s Miracle Network.

Thanks again to all of the Team Kendall supporters who called and donated money to help kids who are treated here in Roanoke. Great job Star Country and a special thanks to Brett Sharp for making a difference in the fight to cure kids cancer. Below is a link of Kendall’s interview that was played on the radio. God Bless. Keep believing! Let’s find the cure! Go Team Kendall.

Kendall’s spot on Cure Kids Cancer


  1. Ella&Emma says:

    Way to go Kendall! We listened to your speech and it was truly touching. No matter how many times we hear your story it truly touches our hearts. Keep on fighting! Keep believing!
    We love you girl!
    Team Kendall!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Your truly a inspiration to me because even though this nasty thing has came into your life and you are just as positive as ever! that teaches me that nothing should let us down and to live life to the fullest, keep fighting

  3. Sharon Glenn says:

    You did an amazing job Kendall. Listened to you in Virginia Beach.

  4. Way to go Kendall!!! You are truly up beat and are a true inspiration to me. I truly believe you will beat this because of your attitude!!! I get the pastor to pray for you every week in church. I wouldn’t know what to do if this happened to me or one of my children but this was such an inspiration. Now I believe it can be done!!!! Good luck, prayers, and Fight like a Knight!!!!!!!

  5. Mary Struzinsky says:

    Oh Kendall, what a great interview! I can hear the “smile” even in your voice. You truly are an inspiration to us all. You make me appreciate all that I have, especially my 3 girls!
    I hope your first week of school was great and call upon us for anything at all ! Did I miss the two radiothon or can we still contribute? Let us know.
    The Struzinsky Family

  6. Pauline Guilmette (Mary's Mom) says:

    WOW, great interview and what a huge inspiration you continue to be with your positive outlook on life and with what you are faced with daily…God Bless You, Kendall…I, too, believe you will win this Fight…prayers continue for you and through my prayer chain for you. Hang in there and sorry you will be missing school when you start your chemo, but girl, you have been a super “teacher” through this whole journey, to the masses, as well as being a great student at school. God Bless!! With you in thought & prayers, Pauline

  7. Roy Dwyer says:

    Kendall, you are a wonderful inspiration to all in our community. We are praying for you!

  8. Diane, John, Sarah & Liz says:

    Kendall…I listened to your interview (multiple times) here in North Carolina. Each and every time I listened I pictured you in my head and could see that beautiful smile on your face…your poise…your strength…your determination…your positive outlook…all shined through and was so inspirational. You are a remarkable young lady, Kendall, and I do believe with all my heart you are going to win this fight! Prayers and love to you and your family.

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