Feeling ok

Kendall is finishing up her 2nd day of her 5 day treatment regimen. So far, she is tolerating the chemo pretty well. She has received two 7 hour infusions so far. Dr Edwards is taking excellent care of her and the nurses here at Carilion are awesome. Hopefully we can continue to control the side effects and keep her on track with this therapy. The anti-nausea medicine causes her to sleep a lot which is a good thing for her strength. She says hello and wants everyone to know she appreciates all of your prayers and love. Thanks again for loving Kendall and letting her know she is not alone in this fight. God Bless, The Bayne’s

On roof top at helicopter pad.



  1. Joyce Ellis (Kendall's Nana) says:

    Looking Good “Pretty Girl”. Of course, you would be up on the Helicopter Pad ! Love the Hot Pink against the backdrop of the Sports Fields. Get plenty of rest. Much Love, Prayers, and Support from, Nana and Frank.

  2. Julie Padgett says:

    Kendall, I am thinking of you and praying for you! You are a strong girl with so many people pulling for you. Stay strong and keep smiling that beautiful smile!

  3. The Nanz Family says:

    Glad you doing all right. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you face this next challenge. Lindsey got a close-up view of the helicopter pad at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh last month when she was flown in there; glad that you are just visiting Carilion’s pad! The two of you should compare notes. 😉

  4. Dianna says:

    All our thoughts and prayers with you…We love you.

    Dianna and Katherine

  5. Sharon Glenn says:

    Kendall, You are an amazing young lady – keep fighting and keep that smile shining – God bless you

  6. Kathy Jones says:

    you are looking good girl, sending our love and prayers your way everyday…

  7. Jean Saunders says:

    Beautiful, as always. An inspiration for all. Love and prayers from our household, too, and many, many, many, many other households.

    Mike, Jean,& Mark S.

  8. Dee Pierce says:

    So many people continue to lift you up in prayer Kendall! Hang in there.

  9. Mary Struzinsky says:

    Kendall, you are so strong. Glad you are getting rest. We are thinking of you every single day !!

  10. Nancy Northern says:

    Kendall, I’m sitting out here in Kentucky thinking about you and there you are up on the roof! Only you could look that cute at the hospital! I am praying for a smooth, comfortable treatment and lots of rest for you. Lots of love Sweetie!!!

  11. Al Wilmer says:

    Kendall, I suppose there is not a situation that could keep that trademark smile off your attractive face! You look great in the pictures! I hope the treatments wil be easier as you progress and the medication will be effective to make you more comfortable. Each treatment is another rung on the ladder to your successful victory! Each treatment brings showers of prayers from your Team Kendall supporters to wish you well in reaching your goal in the most comfortable fashion. We know it is not easy for you and your family but we know of no one to give us more inspiration, encouragement, and optimism than you–because these characteristics are embedded in you. We will be by your side all the way! Prayers and blessings,

  12. Ella&Emma says:

    Hey Kendall! Glad everything is going okay! Just wanted to let you know that you are going to win this fight! It may seem like the cancer is beating you but you are beating it. You are so close to the finish line,where victory is yours! We are out playing the field with you! Not sitting on the sidelines watching you fight alone! We are with you every step of the way! Love ya!
    Love Team Kendall Supporters,

  13. Tracy and Kayla Brammer says:

    Hi Kendall, You continue to be in our prayers. You are an inspiration to everyone! Take care of yourself and let everyone spoil you!

  14. Carol Groves says:

    On chemo and taking all your “stuff” out to show and see the Roanoke Valley!! Kendall, the whole Roanoke Valley is behind you, so that is one great picture!!!

  15. Roy Dwyer says:

    Kendall, you and your family remain in our prayers!

  16. Leslie Saul says:

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers and thoughts!! Stay strong and try to get some rest.

  17. Robin Bauer says:

    Hey Kendall. I’m praying for you my young friend. I went thru chemo for 6 months. Every 3 weeks for 4 straight days each time. And I made it and have been im remission now for 6 months. You can beat this and you will. Trust in yourself, your docs and all of those who love you and very much in God. If you ever need someone just to text or talk to who has been thru it, my number is 812 631 0119. Ant time. ANY. I knew your grandmother from high school. Good luck and keep fighting.

  18. Loren Wright says:

    Awesome picture, hang in there! Chemo sucks, there is not much good about going through it except it is killing those cancer cells. Thinking of you always, Loren xo

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