Homecoming Court 2011

I want to thank everyone that voted for Kendall to be on this years Homecoming Court. This will be Kendall’s second year being selected as one of two young ladies to represent her class of 2014. I was told that she was given a standing ovation when her name was called at todays pep rally. The students continue to amaze me by supporting Kendall and encouraging her to be strong. I have told many people that I hope I can personally thank everyone for the continued love and support. We will see everyone next Friday at the game. Have fun Kendall in the parade. JB


  1. Andrea Micklem says:

    Your family is a gift to ours. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  2. Rosemary and Bob Belvin says:

    Kendall – Your Nana Joyce and I are first cousins. I have kept up with your journey through Nana Joyce’s Aunt Harriett. You are an amazing young woman – beautiful, strong and full of spirit. We are keeping you in our prayers and the prayers of our church, Tabernacle Baptist Church. Stay strong, have faith, know that you are loved and have the support of so many! love to you and your family – Rosemary and Bob Belvin

  3. Tara Nepper says:

    We love you all! You all are very special to us! We’re cheering for you!

  4. Frank says:

    Kendall, congratulations on your selection to the Homecoming Court. Those of us that are fortunate enough to know you well, know that you are just as beautiful inside as you are outside. You are the single most special person I know of. Your classmates could not have chosen a more deserving young lady for this honor. You have such an uplifting effect on everyone that you come into contact with, and you should know that you do make us all better people. I cannot find the words to tell you how much you enrich my life. Thank you for being you. Your Nanna and I will see you at the game. Much, much love always, Frank

  5. Joyce Ellis (Nana) says:

    Kendall, Congratulations on being chosen by “your peers” to be one of their Sophomore Class Representatives at Cave Spring’s Homecoming this year. I imagine the whole gym rocked when your name was announced, as they truly share in your happiness. You are not just my Granddaughter or just Our Family Member any more. You belong to “All Of Us”. You have become a pillar of strength in the Community and have also inspired a unity between all area School Students never seen before, and I am so proud of them. You know what you mean to me and how much love I have to give you. Can’t wait to see you in person cause it is hard to hug by computer and text. Love, Your Nana

  6. Jill says:

    Kendall, your mom will have to explain who I am, but know you have the love and support from so many people! Andrea and Jere WOW!!!! You have two amazing children and the strength and courage that your family is sharing with so many people is truly a blessing.

  7. Melissa says:

    Congrats Kendall! Hope you have a blast in the parade next week. Sofie wants to know if you get to dress up like a princess with a crown? 🙂

    We love you!

  8. Uncle Brandon says:

    It’s just another reminder of how much you mean to everyone, Kendall. And remember … when waving from a parade vehicle, it’s elbow-wrist, elbow-wrist. 🙂

  9. misty eubank says:

    congratulations miss kendall! <3

  10. Mrs. Saul says:

    Congrats Kendall on being voted for Homecoming Court!! I know that you are looking forward to representing your classmates in the parade and having a blast at the dance. Please post pics….

  11. Emma says:

    If anyone deserves it, you do for many reasons babygirl(: love you!

  12. GiGi and Renee says:

    Congratulations on being selected for Homecoming Court again!! “Tons” of people call or come up to us each day and ask about you and how they can help. You are a VERY SPECIAL GAL IN THE EYES OF MANY!!! WE love you very very very much!

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