Kendall’s Karnival 2

Thanks to all of the student body and administration at Cave Spring High for having another awesome event for Kendall. We were so glad that Kendall’s labs were in the normal range  and she was allowed to be there to enjoy a great time and visit with her friends. We are truly blessed by all of the support from everyone in this community. You all have helped Kendall stay focused on getting better and beating cancer. Thanks for all of the volunteers that were there cutting hair, painting faces, painting nails, braiding hair and for the baked goods. It was really cool to see some of the students and teachers shave their heads to show support for Kendall. Seeing her laugh and smile is priceless and we want you all to know we appreciate it.  Connor thanks for being so strong and supporting your sister and allowing her to buzz your hair. You have helped us so much during these trying times. Kendall is scheduled to begin her second cycle on October 1st.  Take care and God Bless Team Kendall!

Best Friends Kendall & Connor


  1. Ella&Emma says:

    You are so beautiful! You are so brave! Keep up the fight girl! Tell Connor he is such a good brother!:) You are our hero! Love you!
    “That’s what makes you beautiful!”-One Direction

  2. Melissa McKinney says:

    Kendall and Connor, what an awesome team!! Kendall, you are beautiful inside and out. Connor, you are a handsome champion for your sister. We love you both! Keep the faith!
    Warm hugs and prayers always,

  3. Joyce Ellis (Kendall's Nana) says:

    Kendall, when you were both little, you held Connor’s hand, made him cookies, read to him. Now, he has become your “Knight In Armor”.
    Together as Brother and Sister, the Two of You are Invincible !

    We Love You Both So Much, Nana and Frank

  4. Sharon Carroll says:

    Hang in there, Kendall! With a brother like Connor to support you, how can you not beat cancer! Thoughts and prayers are with you every day!
    Sharon Carroll

  5. susan powell says:

    Kendall, you are beautiful in every way!


    Mrs. Powell

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