Happy Halloween

We had to push Kendall’s chemo back a week because last Wednesday she was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. She is doing good and the antibiotics appear to be working as she is breathing without any signs of discomfort. Thanks for all of the well wishes and support. We really appreciate all the love Team Kendall has given our family and Kendall during her quest to be cancer free. ¬†Below is a video of our trip in August where Kendall and I were able to be part of First Descents outdoor adventure.¬†

God Bless Team Kendall



  1. Sharon Glenn says:

    So glad you are doing better. Nana Joyce let me know you were in the hospital and prayers were immediately sent up. Stay strong sweet girl.

  2. Sharon Nanz says:

    First Descents looks like a wonderful program. I’m so glad that you guys were able to experience it, gain strength from it, and create some precious memories. Go Kendall!

  3. Ken Phillips says:

    Great stuff, what an experience for you all. Keeping Kendall and you in our thoughts:)

  4. Mike, Michelle and Mikala Tarpy says:

    We are so glad you are doing better. We loved your First Descents video. It looked like a wonderful experience. Keep fighting. We are with you!! <3

  5. Melissa McKinney says:

    What an awesome video and program! I am so glad you were able to experience this and use it as a tool in your battle to be cancer free! We are always praying for you and your family. We love you.

  6. Carol Groves says:

    Scott (Groves) got me a generator to help keep me safe through the Sandy Storm. That was awesome, but what’s more awesome is that you have God, prayers, and lots of love to get you through this storm! I’ll be glad when it’s history!!

  7. Joyce Ellis says:

    Wish your video could be a commercial on TV. So many people would be inspired and benefit from it. You met & accomplished huge challenges in just the short time you were there. Loved your beautiful, wonderful laughter. Prayers, Thoughts, Love from Nana and Frank

  8. Barbara Newman says:

    I am sorry about the pneumonia, hope you will soon be over that stuff. I keep you in my prayers everyday. I really think of you so often. Hope one day you can look back and think oh I am so glad to be Cancer free! With love and prayers from my family.

  9. Al Wilmer says:

    Kendall, hopefully the medication has defeated the pneumonia and you can get on with your treatment program. I continue to send up daily and nightly prayers that you will soon be flashing your radiant, trademark smile around the community. Prayers and blessings for you and your family.

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