Nothing like a good friend!

Kendall is doing good with her treatments. She is getting treated once a week for three weeks and and then will have a week off before starting again. Side effects are minimal compared to the other chemo she has received. We are planning on continuing this for a couple of months and then we will scan to determine if she is responding to this therapy.

Thanks for the wonderful care at Blue Ridge Cancer Care, Dr Fintel, Elizabeth Skaggs and the awesome nurses there at the Salem office.

Thanks again for all of our Team Kendall supporters. Kendall’s therapy is estimated around $5500 per treatment and you all have helped us be able to give her the best care available. We are forever grateful!

Also, we have had a lot of questions about ways to support ACC research. TGEN in Arizona has been a great resource for us and a world leader in researching ACC. It is a non-profit organization and any gift you give will go directly towards finding a cure for ACC. Here is the link:

Thanks again for all the love and support. God Bless. The Bayne’s


  1. Sharon Nanz says:

    Keep hanging tough, Kendall!

  2. Ruth Fornes says:

    Kendell, you look beautiful. Your smile just lit up my computer screen. Your friend is so dear to be by your side in good times as well as not so good. God bless you all. Keep the faith. Everyone, even people like me who doesn’t even know you are cheering you on to the biggest win you have ever seen!!!

  3. Kathy Jones says:

    you look amazing Kendall!!! love and prayers everyday to you..

  4. Susan Powell says:

    So glad to hear that the treatments are a little easier this time around. I look for news about you and am happy to hear good things are happening. You are physically, mentally, and spiritually surrounded by so many who love you and are pulling for you every day–doctors, nurses, family, friends, and even strangers you have never met. It’s a testimony to how very much you are loved and cared for for the person YOU ARE!!


    Susan Powell, BCE

  5. Rebekah Draper says:

    We are all thinking about you and your family. We love you and miss you. Our prayers go out to you and your family. Keep up the fight. Miss you. Take care. You look so beautiful!

  6. Barbara Newman says:

    Hi Kendall,
    You look so good in this picture. So glad you are not bad side affects from this round of treatments. You don’t know me personally, but, I keep you in my prayers everyday. I just pray one day you will be completely cured and beable to live a long long happy life.
    With love to you and prayers to you and your family.

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